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e-cigs explained

e-cigarettes are basically smoke machines very small in size. Although they entered the market more than a decade ago, they only became mainstream recently.

As you probably know, the e-cigarette world also has its own terminology, which you can find more about on our glossary page.

This is why knowing the parts of the device and the related terms is important, as it will help you learn more about e-cigarettes and perhaps even guide you towards buying the right kind for yourself.

The main parts of an e-cigarette:

The battery
Obviously, this is the largest part of the electronic cigarette. Thanks to this rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you can vaporize the e-liquid and them inhale it. However, unlike regular cigarettes, here, the amount of "smoke" you inhale depends on the size and voltage output of the battery, not on how hard you can pull in with your mouth and lungs.

The cartomizer
This component is a crucial part of your electronic cigarette. This is the part that you screw on the end of the battery, and it's also where the part you'll be putting in your mouth. You see, the cartomizer is made out a material that simulates cotton and that holds the e-liquid and an atomizer (a heating element). This atomizer boils the e-liquid, creating the vapor or "smoke" that you will inhale.

The e-liquid
This special liquid, called e-liquid, is made out of propylene glycol, a vastly used ingredient in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Besides this ingredient, the e-liquid also contains various amounts of nicotine, depdending on one's preferences. This means, you won't be filling your lungs with harmful smoke, tar, tobacco and other nasty chemicals that regular cigarettes have.

Parts of an e-Cigarette

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